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Drala (Yoruba Records) :: Bio & EP Release

September 12th, 2014  |  Published in Bios, Downloads, Music, Recent

We kick off the Fall Season with the return of Soiree on Sunday Funday September 21st, 2014.

We have one of our fav regulars Mr.Dirty Dale, and we are proud for the Let There Be House debut of Drala, Yoruba Records.

Drala’s first EP will be released on Monday September 22nd. Check out it out ::  

Growing up with his Grandparents and Mother from Trinidad music was always a part of everyday life. Listening to his Grandfathers records of calypso , soca and soul music.

After being a bedroom vinyl dj since his younger years, 2010 marked the year he decided to go after his passion in music and attended Harris Institute For The Arts in Toronto. With the intention of becoming a Sound Engineer. While attending he met Osunlade whom became a mentor to him.

In 2011 he began playing his first gigs. By that summer he dj’d with legendary NYC rap group Onyx. In 2012 he left to live in Jamaica for several months to do volunteer work and ended up also dj’ing at several venues and concerts most notably for Andrew Tosh in November 2012. In 2013 He decided to take on production full force, and will now be releasing an EP with Yoruba Soul set to release early summer 2014.

In search of a more spiritual path of life Drala began immersing himself in Buddhist and Tibetan Shambhala teachings. While reading a life changing book entitiled Shambhala The Sacred Path Of The Warrior he came across the drala principle. I

In essence:

”Drala is not a god or spirit, but fundamentally it is connecting the wisdom of your own being with the power of things as they are. If you are able to connect those two things, out of that, you can discover magic in everything. If we are thoroughly trained in the discipline of warriorship, then by invoking the drala principle, we can reawaken that intimate connection to reality. When you invoke drala, you begin to experience basic goodness reflected everywhere – in yourself, in others, and in the entire world. …
You begin to view the universe as a sacred world.”

Set with the belief that music is a platform for unifying people and evoking positive change this up and coming artist is set with the intention to uplift your spirit and unify community one set at a time.





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