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Let There Be House proudly supports ‘freedom2dance’. Check out the teaser and if you get a chance to check out the film, you might just see some familiar  TDOT faces!

freedom2dance At underground parties in 1970s New York, a dance-based culture was born that allowed and encouraged the total freedom of self-expression. But can the city’s vibrant dance culture continue to thrive after Mayor Giuliani’s revival of Prohibition-era ‘Cabaret Laws’ that strictly regulate dancing? freedom2dance chronicles the long history of these restrictive laws through the lens of New York’s legendary dance subculture.

(Jury Award Nomination, 2012 Dance on Camera Film Festival)

Petition to legalize dance in NYC to kick off International Dance Week 2012. Did you know it’s illegal to dance in most bars, restaurants and even clubs in New York City? Or that—unless it’s a performance—dancing is not recognized as a form of expression protected under the First Amendment? freedom2dance is a short documentary that chronicles the Prohibition-era Cabaret Laws, which continue to adversely affect the city’s diverse dance communities, unique cultural heritage and small businesses.

CosMuSart—the international multimedia platform co-founded by the film’s producer-director Ina Sotirova,
record label NOSI Music and their friends at Sunday Sessions. The launch of a petition to reform New York City’s
repressive and arbitrarily enforced dancing regulations.

When freedom2dance first premiered at the Dance on Camera Film Festival in January 2012, it was nominated for the Jury Award for its merits as

“a short but very sharp documentary exploring New York City’s Cabaret Laws. Through this lens, the film asks pointed questions about marginalization, identity, freedom of expression, inherent bigotry in the long-standing governmental regulations, and
contemplates the boundaries that define dance as an art form.”

freedom2dance has grown from a documentary film to a social movement, which aims to raise awareness of the Cabaret Laws and to promote our human right and inalienable freedom to dance.

For more info & screenings:, twitter: @cosmusart #freedom2dance

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